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  GlobalVPN Client Version Beta Win 2000 - Win 7

With our GlobalVPN client you can use your account withour manual configuration.



What is a VPN?

A virtual private network, abbreviated VPN, combines several computers from the Internet to create a private network. If you visit a website via GlobalVPN, your request is encrypted and then sent to our VPN. Our host then calls up the site, encrypts the data you have accessed and returns it onto your computer. This way, you remain invisible on the Internet and your IP and all your data cannot be traced.

Why no proxy server?

In contrast to VPNs, proxy servers are limited to certain protocols such as HTTP or FTP. Other protocols such as eMule, Skype, Bittorrent, but also software for downloading and uploading of various Web 2.0 platforms are limited or rendered useless by a proxy server. With GlobalVPN, however, you can use the Internet without restriction.

Can I really use GlobalVPN completely free of charge?

The free access we offer is entirely sufficient for everyday surfing. If you should require a higher speed (e.g.: for downloading large amounts of data) you can simply and easily upgrade to premium access anytime.

Access servers

Free accounts

  • Access server Netherlands:

Premium accounts

  • Access server Netherlands:
  • Access server Netherlands:
  • Access server Russia:
  • Access server Sweden:
  • Access server USA:

How much is a premium access?

  • 3 Days 2,99 €
  • 30 Days 5,99 €
  • 90 Days 15,99 €
  • 180 Days 28,99 €
  • 360 Days 53,99 €
  • Lifetime 199,99 €
  • 15 Days 0,00 €